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A bidet is a toilet-like invention that is mainly used to wash and clean the genitals and the other areas near these. Bidet is a device usually situated next to a toilet. It is sometimes mistaken to be a toilet or a urinal or even a drinking fountain by those unfamiliar to it. But one should be aware that a bidet is to be used only, right after using the toilet. Its purpose is to wash and clean and nothing more. Also, bidet is not solely for cleaning the genitals alone. It can also be used for other hygienic purposes.

Having a bidet is a great help for those who have physical disabilities, mobility problems and other related problems. A bidet produces an arc of water through a faucet-like device attached to it that leaves the user relaxed and cleaned and free from any excessive movement. According to health experts, a bidet is more effective in cleaning than toilet paper. And that it also helps prevent urinary tract infections and other ailments caused by poor hygiene.